Does anyone hate them-self as much as I?
I look in the mirror and all I see is the body of an 80 year old.
It is soul destroying to have lost ten stone and be left with so much excess skin and no boobs and not be able to do anything about it because of lack of money.
I hate myself. 100% hate myself. There is nothing currently I like. I am depressed about my body. I’ve spent the last half an hour crying. Knowing I have to get married in Jamaica next month and feel self conscious about my saggy body yet I’ve spent years working hard on my body. It’s like working your ass off at work and never getting any further in your career. I’m lost in the abyss of saggy skin and it’s killing me.

I’ve had dark thoughts of cutting my tummy open just to show the doctors who refuse outright to fund me for a tummy tuck just how serious I am.
I bend over and my belly and boob skin hang from me like udders on a cow. I’m 28 I just want my body back to some normality.
I’ve lost ten stone and I am no happier for it currently. That is the dark side of the weight loss, when I was fat I had people stare and make cruel taunts but at least my skin was tight and didn’t look like a leather handbag.
Now people will taunt me for my loose horrid skin.
Summer will come and il be even more self conscious than I was before.
It’s heartbreaking. I’ve worked so hard. For nothing.

I hate myself and no matter how beautiful my partner tells me I am, I will never believe this. The skin consumes me.

I hate myself