It’s all about that video haha.
So yesterday I managed to bench press 40kg which really hurt. I couldn’t do many but it’s progress and now I ache like a bitch.
Today is leg day. I did spinning yesterday and I also have a RPM class straight after my workout. Sucker for punishment! 4 weeks until the wedding so upping my game again.
I’ve started doing interval running. 30 seconds jog and 30 second sprints for 10/15 rounds really helps burn calories fast for me.
I’ve noticed some gains on my chest and arms today and it seems like that’s where I’m improving the most yet I work my legs the hardest. My legs have always been quite thigh heavy though. I’m a size 12 jeans but I’m finding my skinny jeans aren’t fitting as well as they used to. Muscle doesn’t fit into jeans as well as squishy fat, yet my waist is getting smaller. I’m having my dress made as we speak for the wedding and I’m hoping my gains don’t change the look of the dress too much. I will start adding some progress photos soon.
I think muscles on women look great. Obviously not massive man muscles but a certain amount is šŸ‘Œ.
Here is my protein pancake I had yesterday with some chocolate shot.


Here are some of the meals I’ve been having.

Mini roast. Gammon with roasted sweet potatoes and veggies. Also a chicken sausage wrapped in bacon. Was delicious my partner is a great cook.

Left over gammon and veggies the next day.




It’s half term so I went to wether spoons with the little ones for lunch I opted for the salmon and scrambled egg with muffin. I don’t normally have the muffin but I’ve relaxed a bit on carbs as I’m training really hard and doing more spinning and cardio then I normally would. I’m practically living on lean Turkey mince with spices every dinner time as it’s good for you and quick to rustle together with things.
I have found myself being naughty and eating some dark chocolate which I hadn’t had for a while but it’s in moderation also I’ve had some cheddar which I don’t normally have. Will be putting a stop to this! 4 weeks until wedding and I’m determined to the look the best I can. I have my second wrap tomorrow so fingers crossed it makes a difference. I need it. I’ve been so down on myself this week and my saggy skin has really got to me.

So weights, cardio, Intervals running,RPM and some yoga tonight should be enough for the day, hoping for some high calorie burns to earn myself a glass of red! šŸ·

Have a great day.

Aime, x