This weekend I went wild. Wild for carbs, wild for chocolate and now I feel rubbish. I’ve let myself down and I know why. After the whole hate myself blog I’ve been slipping. 4 weeks until to my wedding and I’m self sabotaging myself, why? It’s probably a mixture of things. Mainly the way I see myself, it gets me down so I turn to food. Whilst I’ve been so good recently on controlling my crazy binges,unfortunately I’m still human and make mistakes. I have to learn from this and move on, this week I’m going to be strict. Try and undo the damage that has been done. I’m sticking to precise macros.
78g carbs, 188 protein and 50g fat. 1600 cals. I was an absolute carb monster this weekend eating tortilla chips til I couldn’t actually stuff another handful in my gob.
Exercise wise I am doing my Jamie Eason weight routine and half n hour cardio straight after. I’m also doing ten rounds of interval running and also two spinning classes. My jeans have got tighter on my thighs from the muscle gain, yet to see it though!


This is me below lol.