if you follow my blog you will know over the weekend I had a blow out and was all kind crazy panicking about the weight gain and how it would affect me. Well weighed in this morning and I’m actually 2lbs lighter than before I binged. So maybe once in a while a blow out is just what the body needs. 

Off to lanzerote this weekend with my sister Stephanie and my best friend Hannah will try and keep the eats clean but it’s a holiday and I’m going to enjoy myself! Cocktails come at me already! 

I’ve been really strict and started following macros that my buddy Danni has worked out for me as well as calorie counting. I’ve cut down to 1600 cals and 188g of protein, 50g fats and 78g carbs and it’s definitely worked for me this week. Here are some of my eats of the week. 

so alot of eggs have been eaten again. breakfast really is my favourite meal and I’m lucky that lovely partner cooks me it every morning. I have been having alot of turkey mince too. instead of pea protein shakes I tried out protein bars this week for my chocolate fix. Expensive they are but sometimes worth it whilst trying to be good. 

I’ve been doing the Jamie Eason programme for six weeks now and whilst I don’t see much difference myself on my back others have said there is a difference here is the photo from 4 weeks ago and the other last night, 

I tried Grit cardio last night…I nearly died. My heart was off chart! Really effective, I burned 350 calories in just the half n hour we did. My friend Danni does the class and I’ve always been nervous to do it but she is always encouraging me. She s tiny but an absolute beast! Such a good body! 

Excuse the grossness of my face but this was after grit! Proper red faced! I looked shocked haha. 

Might try fitting this into my macros and calories next week as it looks yummy

Healthy and delicious! Instead of choc chips I’d probably have some dark chocolate. 

Have a great weekend everyone, 

Aime, x