Sorry everyone I’ve been quiet! 

I’ve been working hard at the gym and stressing because on Sunday I go to Jamaica to marry the man of my dreams. On Wednesday I will be a MRS!! 

I have been working so hard in the gym with my work out buddy Kerry. She really Spurs me on and it’s great to have some one to push me like she does. I always look forward to our workouts. When I’m back from Jamaica we will be embarking on a new work out! 

I’m so excited for Wednesday. I finally have my dress sorted and I’m just finishing up my packing.  It’s all becoming so real. I can’t wait to post some pictures from our wedding. 

I’ve been working hard and here’s a cheeky gym selfie! Not perfect but getting there. 


here’s some photos of foods I’ve been eating.  I ate quite well whilst on my hen party weekend I noticed some gains on my biceps! 

I bought a waffle maker which is Brillant for my protein pancake mixture. 

I’m on a new protein powder too. 

Arbonne chocolate protein.  It actually tastes good! Not artificial and goes down easily. No farts either! Bonus 👍

Was £54 but definitely worth it for taste alone. 

I plan on hitting the gym whilst away on holiday. I maybe relaxing but I love working out and it’s become part of my everyday life. I would miss it too much. I’ve definitely packed far too much for next week! So excited.  


my family. ❤️

anyway signing off for now. Got gym first thing in the morning with Kerry for our last workout. 

Much love. 

Aime. Xx