So since the wedding I’ve strayed from my blogging. I have a new job that I doom Monday to Friday’s so I’m constantly knackered at the moment. I’m still keeping up with the gym every day but haven’t had time for much else. Sorry to everyone I’ve been neglecting! Just trying to get into a solid routine. 

The last 4 weeks ive been doing Erin sterns 4 week work out with my gym buddy Kerry. Definitely got some gains on the back and the shoulders but the legs need more than one day a week! So we are moving on to the 21 day clutch cut. It’s pretty restrictive diet wise and certainly hard core exercise and weight wise but it’s the kick up the butt I’m needing. Starting next Monday! 

I have been however trying to stay clean and healthy and keep to my high protein low carb diet so here’s some of my recent eats. 


Last one is protein powder mixed with porridge oats and almond milk. 


The last one is some quick no bake protein cookies. 

Really simple recipe off 

Really yummy and a good snack before lifting. The pre work I’m currently using is disgusting and I don’t feel like it actually works for me. So won’t be trying that again. Anyone know of decent ones? 

I tried the two chicks egg whites the other day. 

Made the breakfast dishes quicker but might as well bulk buy eggs and not be lazy!

I’ve definitely seen some arm gains going recently too. Going to treat myself to a sports massage this month 


Haha. I’m also going to have to get some new work out tshirts. I’m a total gaming fan so these would be perfect for me. 


 Here is some new inspiration for me. I would love to look like going to keep going and try and eat and work as hard as I can for good results. Results take time. I’m pretty impatient. I have to remind myself that I haven’t been lifting long and not to punish myself for not being able to get to where I want yet. That being said I managed to do a close grip lay pull down at 70kg today which was a personal best. So im improving! I want to be able to do a full pull up by the end of the summer. It’s something I’ve always struggled to do. At least I can do proper push-ups now. 

For now I’m signing off. 

Will post tomorrow. 

Aime  🙂