my gym buddy Kerry and I embarked on our 21 day clutch cut. Super clean eats and very high intensity workouts. This is to try and shred some of the extra poundage I’ve put on recently and also to shred, to allow my muscles I’ve spent the last three months working on to make a better appearance. We’ve completed two weeks of this but feel we don’t wanna lost our muscles so going back to Jamie Eason week 8 to grow those muscles . 

  Breakfast was egg whites, spinach with chillies, tomatoes and some salmon for my fats. I’m going to have the same this morning as it was tasty and I a whole day at work then gym so I need the energy! 

Lunch was a chicken salad and my snacks were a protein shake with strawberries and almond milk and a banana pre workout.

The new exercise routine is absolute killer.