Hey everyone.

Been slacking again. Just never seem to have enough time at the moment to write as I’m working, gymming and decorating our flat at the moment. Everything is mayhem! My home is a mess and I stress with mess! 

I have been eating good though and remembered to take photos of everything. So here’s some eats I’ve had recently! 

I don’t usually have pizza but I made these on a gluten free base and they were yum. BBQ chicken with mushrooms, peppers and cheese. 

My partner made me this delicious breakfast! Microwave a sweet potato mash it and added some chopped cooked bacon. Form into a circle and cook it’s like a little hash brown and a good base for my eggs and spinach. Really tasty! 

  Salmon with crispy kale done in the air fryer some aubergines and potato wedges. 

  Egg hash. Bacon, egg whites, peppers, mushrooms and some hot sauce scrambled together 

  Gluten free pumpkin seed crisp bread topped with mashed avocado and salmon. 
Chicken and crispy kale and chilli 

Turkey mince,kidney beans and some cheesy potatoes with broccoli. 

  Protein waffles with chocshot, Greek yogurt and strawberries. 
At work it can be tricky to sometimes eat within in my limits. They mostly do healthy things though like frittata and salads which is awesome. 



So new week and a fresh start. Trying to elimaminate all the treats I’ve been pigging out on. Starting with chocolate! Even the dark type until I can control my urges. Gonna keep to high protein. 

Ordered lots of stuff from WWW.myprotein.com they always deliver when they say they will and the products are very good and cheaper than others. Basic packaging probably keeps down the costs. Here’s my protein bundle! 

I’ve gone for the chocolate peanut impact whey. It’s the first whey that doesn’t make my belly hurt. I also ordered their protein pancake mixture. Maple syrup flavour. It’s perfect in the mornings with my waffle maker. I’ve bought some breakfast smoothie for mornings I can’t be assed to eat loads but still need the protein and some protein bars for work on my breaks. 

I just found this ice cream in waitrose it actually has Spirulina in it and less calories than an apple per 100ml. 

They do other flavours but for now I’ve just bought this one.   
I’m still working hard at the gym. I’ve had some bicep gains. 


I’m so proud. I like my arms being big  just gotta get my leg to match. Me and my gym buddy Kerry do weights pretty much everyday except Wednesday when I do spin. Had a mash last week was amazing but the lady told me o was mega tight and stressed so need to practise some yoga and stretching. 

I find it hard to relax having ADHD I’m always on the go and find it hard to switch off. 

Anyway I have to get ready for work now but will try and update the blog every week 


Ps: how fricking cool is my new wallpaper