So yes. I’ve been lame. 100% lame. 

I haven’t been logging my calories. I haven’t been blogging. I still gym every day and lift heavy but I’ve really let my nutrition go. 

I’m human. We all slip up now and again. Consistency is the key I’m always told and it’s true. You cannot out train a bad diet. 70% diet. 30% fitness. Whilst I’ve been pretty lucky to not gain loads, it’s still enough that I feel the need every 20 seconds to ask my partner if I’ve gained weight! 

It’s funny I got to my goal weight. Then weight didn’t mean anything whilst I was lifting heavy. Now I’m all concerned about it again. 

So today.. I’m back on the logging, back on the blogging and I have six weeks before I go through one of the biggest changes of my life.

Since I lost weight, ten stone to precise I’ve always been left with cocker spaniels ears flapping in the wind breasts and a tummy stretched beyond belief with a tummy button that looks like..well a cats bumhole. September time I won’t have these anymore as I’ve finally booked the surgery to fix it! Tummy tuck and boob upgrading whoop! I won’t lie the pain side scares me a little and the scaring but it’s what I’ve been working hard for. I never thought this day would come for me. I thought I would stuck with the body of a pensioner for the rest of my life.  So I suppose I’m gonna be blogging about that a fair bit. 

Summer holidays… Onto our third week and the children are still alive and well! Six weeks is too long, i think mothers should take a before and after photo of themselves to see how much they’ve aged from stress over the six weeks! 😂 I did have a cheeky night out on Friday which helped de stress a little. I get a little crazy on the jungle juice as you can see! 🙊


Anyway here’s the start of the day breakfast. I’m following the Jamie Eason eating plan again as I know it works. 

Breakfast of mixed beans, 5 egg whites and tomatoes. Also half a Turkey muffin. 

Signing off for today. 

Aime. ❤️