Six weeks to lose a stone. Six weeks before I have major surgery I’ve desperately wanted since I’ve lost all the weight. 

Already the nerves are setting in.

I have six weeks to get very serious. My friend charlotte is helping me to train and keeping me in check nutrition wise. We have decided to motivate each other as we have similar goals and similar strengths. 

Last week I wasn’t 100% but It was better then it has been. 

Today I cooked a lot of Turkey mince with black beans, chickpeas and kidney beans and had mine with some spiralized courgette spaghetti. Mince is so good to use in the slow cooker. I went to the gym and worked upper body and took the girls swimming afterwards so was great to just have dinner ready. 
; I mixed the mince with some mild chilli powder, taco spices and garlic. 

 I added some cottage cheese and a pickled egg for extra protein. 

For lunch we went to sainsburys cafe but I bought my own salad and added some mixed beans and extra Turkey chunks. I had some Greek yogurt and nuts for something sweet after. 


For breakfast  I had egg white omelette avocado and some cottage cheese. I always like a nice cup of pukka tea in the morning too.😘


Tonight was an impromptu date night as the local town had a free concert with Wonderband who play disco music so Gary and I went for a boogie. Was fantastic and ended the night on this delicious treat. 

  Amazing frozen natural yogurt. Chocolate flavour and low fat from Yobu Tea company. I opted for 2 fruit toppings. Raspberry and blueberries. For under 200kcals it was amazing. 
 Couple of photos from tonight 🙂 

Anyways time for bed 

Signing off. 

Aime. 🙂