Today I woke up a lot less bloated then previous days and this made me feel good. I’m really looking forward to the tummy tuck and finally being able to wear a bikini without fear of laughter or judgement. Finally one day il be able to see some abs. 

Today was leg day. Charlotte and I worked really hard. We did high reps and medium weights. We leg pressed, squatted, dead lifted, leg extensions, leg curls, calf raises, glute raises and some aductor work. I also had a sports massage before hand as my rotator cuffs are really tight and I need to strengthen them majorly. Stretching is so important to do and I’ve really been neglecting this recently. I’m thinking of starting body balance or yoga again to help with this. I just find it extremely hard to relax. 

  I was super lazy this morning and had Greek yogurt with blueberries, walnuts and some agave syrup for breakfast. 

Lunch was the left over turkey bean chilli from yesterday and some cottage cheese and a pickled egg. 

  And dinner was lovely. I had another busy afternoon so chucked five chicken breasts in a slow cooker. I mixed in black beans, chilli beans, passata, taco spices, garlic and sweet corn and it made a sort of Mexican chicken dish. Left it for six hours in the slow cooker,then shredded it up and added some grated cheese. Was simple but delicious. 
  I have lots of servings left and will freeze some for quick lunches. Slow cooking is great to bulk make things and then freeze them. Tomorrow I’m going to do some coconut chicken. Il mix some coconut milk with shredded coconut and make a sort of curry. Will post photos of it tomorrow 🙂 

Three weeks left of the summer holidays and it’s been hard so far to find things to entertain the kids, especially with the weather being so bad at the moment. The blow up pool we bought has barely been used which is disappointing. I have signed up the kids to my gym which offer some clubs for them to do whilst I gym which is great so I don’t lose focus. Getting childcare over the holidays can be a nightmare. My eldest is also studying extra this summer, as we have signed her up to a maths and English tution programme which helps keep her busy as well as refreshed for the exams she will face when she starts her new school in September. 

This morning I was looking at various photos of tummys tucks and determining in my head what would be realistic for me. I know that I have to go in there with a totally realistic view of how the end result will be. It’s a huge thing physically as well as a mentally I’m told, so best to be prepared. 

 I would be quite pleased if it were to be like this. Shapely but flat. I’m not as big as the women in the photos anymore but I think the shape is a realistic one. Il still be left with some of my old stretch marks but it’s a small price to pay. 

I’m currently waiting for my own mix up frozen yogurt creation to freeze so I can try it! I blended a banana, Greek yogurt, walnuts and peanut butter, it’s taking ages to freeze up. Might have to be a treat for tomorrow at this rate. 

Signing off for tonight. 

Aime, x