Today has been a loooooong day, but a nice day. My sister Stephanie came over and we went to town. I bought a couple of bath bombs to use and relax later. Both from lush.. They do the best bathing products.  

Smells beauts! Also bought the kiddies this one.  

 It’s called intergalactic. Can’t wait to see this in the bath. I surprised Coral my eldest with a new Jacqueline Wilson book. I like to encourage to her to read for fun, I used to love reading.. Only thing I’ve read recently is magazines and blogs. 

We also stopped by the Yobu bubble tea shop again and I treated everyone to a yummy frozen yogurt. They really are amazing. If your local to Bournemouth please try it out.  

 Steph had the mango and I of course went for the chocolate again. It’s soooooooo yummy! Here’s the link to their Facebook page. 

Today I tried a new slow cooker recipe. 4 chicken breasts, 2 cans of light coconut milk, 2 peeled and chopped up sweet potatoes, some cashews, ground cumin, curry powder and cayenne pepper. Left it for 6 hours to cook and then shredded the chicken by stirring it up and served mine with spiralized courgette.  

 Was very good on flavour and everyone seemed to enjoy it.  I served the kids and hubby’s with rice and prawn crackers. Definitely one id try again. 

Attempting BBQ shredded kitchen in the slow cooker Friday. 

Went to a spin class tonight. Haven’t been for two weeks so it was a killer. I pushed it and worked really hard tonight. Lots of sweating.  I was so red and messy that I joined the kids, Steph and my husband by jumping in the pool in my full spinning gear. Butt pads and all! Not an attractive sight. 

  My sister fell asleep and we could t waste the opportunity to take some funny photos. 
That’s all for now. Date night tomorrow and hitting the gym hard with my friend Chris. He’s gonna die. 🔫😂

Aime. X