This Is a common question I get from people who read the blog or know me. Do you feed your children lentils and beans all the time. 

Simply no. 

Il be honest. The humble chocolate biscuit has become the new currency of bribing in my household. These kids would do pretty much anything for a choccie biccy. Seriously the youngest could eat them until she turned into one. 

Why do you let them eat them? Because sometimes it’s easier to just chuck a few biscuits their way and avoid an argument, a tantrum and most of the time they do actually eat healthily. I’m no super mum… I don’t enjoy baking cakes and the mess that comes with it. I don’t enjoy making super clean eats for them to turn their noses up. Like most children they have a good balance of what they should and shouldn’t have. 

Sometimes when I’m feeling creative i will design a stupid face on a pizza and think that’s my part done. Most of the time they eat what I eat and that’s good enough for me and them. 

If you pressure your children too much to eat purely healthy then they become obsessed and this isn’t something I want. I want a healthy balance. I want them to make healthy choices because they want to. My eldest would take brocoli over chocolate because she’s learnt what’s best for fueling her body and understands that if she eats a lot of junk then she will put on weight and with massive weight comes Health problems. She still remembers when I was really big and I honestly think that’s put her off most junk food for life. 😂 

I forgot to do a throw back Thursday so here’s one for today. Il do my big blog later this evening as I’m not feeling too well this morning and I’m jumping in the bath. 

This was three years ago summer holidays after having my youngest. I didn’t realise how big of gotten over my pregnancy! 

Also here’s a funny one. 

  I dressed up as nicki minaj for a friends birthday. Funny, today I’ve been looking at fancy dress costumes for my best mate Chris’s birthday and I think I’m going to opt for Katie Perry this time. It’s simple things like being able to order a costume instead of making my own because nothing would fit me properly that make me happy and realise how far I’ve come! 
Aime x