Thursday is always my favourite night of the week. Date night! ❤️ 

I think when your in a relationship and parents it’s especially important to put one night a week even a month for date night. To reconnect as adults not just parents. 

So Thursday’s is date night for us. We like to try new places to eat and I always allow myself the night off clean eating and calorie counting. 

I started off my Thursday by taking coral to English club it’s been such poor weather all we’ve really done is swim and clubs. I always find myself browsing in boots waiting for her to finish… I dread to look at how much I’ve spent this month there.😭  

In the afternoon I have time away from the kids and my friend Chris and I went on a 3 mile walk on the local Heath. We then went to the gym for an upper body workout with bar and Dumbbells and some HIIT. The HIIT nearly killed Chris. 😂 10 mins on the spinning bike doing 30 seconds medium pace then 30 seconds fast as you can then 30 seconds rest then 30 seconds of hill climbs on a high gear and keep alternating between. We then did 10 mins on the cross trainer using the same method but with speed and gears. Seriously 20 mins of that is enough to get you proper sweating! 

So my husband regularly gets the graze snack boxes and I asked them to send my a protein box to review so that’s being sent out next Monday 🙂 here’s the ones Gary received this week  

 my little one wants to try the popping corn. 

So for date night we tried out the new turtle bay carribean restaurant. Heard lots of mixed reviews but I always like to go and make my own judgements. I love spicy food and being that we went to Jamaica for our wedding we know what’s good food wise. I ordered the curried goat with rice and beans and loved it. Took us straight back! Really enjoyed it here. The vibe was good and we had some red stripe beers and loved the hot sauces.  

 Gary tried to tell me that it wasn’t that hot. His face says it all. 😂 the hotter the better where I’m concerned. 

For dessert we went to Yobu again! I finally tried something different. The Eton mess.  

   It was pretty yummy but a bit too sweet for me. Chocolate is still my favourite. I even tried a bubble tea. Coconut milk one. Was beautiful! 
Today I woke up and felt a bit poorly. I haven’t been to the gym and because I’m human whilst I’ve still eaten pretty healthily I did indulge in a bowl of cocopops!  

 Breakfast was 

Chicken sausages, chopped tomatoes, mushrooms, bacon and two eggs. 

For tonight’s dinner I used the slow cooker and put heck chicken sausages and some mixed Mexican beans with BBQ marinade. Really yummy. 

  I had mine with courgettes and aubergines. 
I’m back off to bed as not feeling amazing. Need to get to gym tomorrow and see my new born godson this weekend too! 

Aime. 🙂 

That’s brilliant.