When I first started training il admit I didn’t really bother warming down and stretching. It hurts, I’m tight as hell, I find it boring and I just forget sometimes. Now I’m having problems because of this. You really have to take care of your body because if you don’t you’re gonna end up in a lot of pain. I’ve been having a weekly sports massage to try and help the aches and pains and I’m starting to do yoga again. Yes it’s boring and I’m probably the most inflexible person on the planet but I know it helps. I have so many knots in my body at the moment and I really need to start stretching properly. My little one even likes to get involved in yoga so I have no excuses.  Babies and children are so damn bendy! 

  So tonight I did my normal spinning class… Someone swapped the bikes around and I could really feel the difference. The class instructor always likes to pick on me and push me until I’m dropping with sweat. I sweated a lot tonight. Then I got home and my lovely husband had cooked me this. 
Rice and beans  

 with lean mince and jerk spices. Normally I never touch rice but it was a really lovely dinner I’ve got quite obsessed with carribean cooking and food. I’ve had 3 lots in the past week! Curried goat is my favourite. ๐Ÿ™Š๐Ÿ it tastes just like lamb so tender! 

  I’ve got to stay away from the rice though. So I’m going to keep eating the hot meats and beans just avoid the carbs. 
I feel really unmotivated at the moment the weather doesn’t help and it being summer holidays and having the girls at home instead of school doesn’t help either especially when we go out places and make picnics. I’ve tried to stick to salads like these.  

    Breakfast and lunch is not normally a problem for me it’s dinner and bedtime snacking. I’m terrible. 
I’ve tried to be active in the day and take the girls out and I’ve also been at the gym every day but I need to get back into a routine and up the classes and cardio. I’m starting to lose muscle and gain fat. ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ™€๐Ÿ”ซ

Tomorrow I’m doing a class of cxworx followed by body combat then weights in the afternoon. I shall be suitably knackered by the end and feeling good about myself I hope. 

Time for a bath.

Aime. X  


I ran up and down this ten times on tuesday! That surely counts as cardio right!?