12 days until the operations. I want them done now. I’m so impatient. I hate waiting. I can’t wait to have my new body! Had my pre op assessment Tuesday and it went really well.  Feeling really confident about it all now. 

This week I’ve swimming a lot. I started last week by doing just 20 lengths and progressing up and up everyday. I got up to half a mile a day and then yesterday I got up to 64 laps which is a mile and carried on and did 6 more. So I did 70 in total then an aqua fit class with my sister. We made the most of the lush weather by sunbathing at the pool then the beach. 

 Had this beauty for breakfast Wednesday. Rye bread with mashed avocado poached eggs and bacon. Best breakfast ever. 

  So I’ve been having Accupunture and cupping recently. I’m on my fourth session and I love it. My shoulder was really injured and she’s really helped it back to health. It really works. It doesn’t hurt and I’m petrified of needles but she’s so gentle and they’re so small I don’t feel them! My body feels really good at the moment. I’ve eased off the weight training and upped the cardio. The methods she uses really helps me physically and mentally. She’s really great to talk to as well which helps. Today I had really tight hamstrings from swimming and a lot of spinning this week when I left this evening from hers I could touch my toes again!  
   If anyone’s interested here’s the details. She really is amazing. I’m booked in for next week and the week after my operation to help relieve the swelling.  

 Here’s a throwback Friday photo as I missed my blog yesterday. 5 years difference. Five years ago I would have never of believed I’d be where I am now. I’m so glad I started this journey. Fit for life now is my goal. 

  One of my favourite meals I’ve had twice this week. Jerk chicken with rice and kidney beans and avocado. 
Tonight we had chicken breasts,black beans,kidney beans and peppers with a BBQ and tomato marinade and a splash of red wine. Was gorgeous. Leave it all in the slow cooker for six hours and it’s done. 

   Some photos of me and my sister messing around at a vintage charity shop. Is it me or have charity shops got rather expensive. I donate my clothes to charity and I find it rather cheeky to price them really high. It’s 100% profit for them. 
Last photo was date night. We went and had dinner at the local pub to Ian the three legged cross. It wasn’t actually that great. How any one can charge £3 for some microwaveable veg is beyond me. I sent it back 😂 was a nice walk though. 

Going to gym and swim tomorrow then a hike with my best friend Chris. 👌