I can’t believe time has gone so quickly this weekend even this month. In 3 days time I will in bed with a completely different body. I’m excited but nervous. Mentally it will be so strange and a lot to take in. Part of me is being cut away and altered its so strange to try and wrap your head around and I don’t think il be able to until after its all done. I’m scared for the op itself. People can be judgemental and say why risk yourself potentially dying for a surgery for vanity? Why? Because it’s my body and I think the pros outweigh the very small risks. I have worked for this very hard and researched the best surgeon I could. This wasn’t a decision I made lightly. This has been something I’ve worked towards for years. In the kitchen, in the gym, all the naughty foods I’ve sacrificed eating to get to my goals. 

Talking of food…. Yesterday was amazing. Gary and I went to the Edge restaurant by the alum chine  beach and it was absolutely incredible.

This was our view from the table 

 We were spoilt. For starters we shared a home made bread board with salted butter. Then I had the crab and apple and Gary had fish fingers with dill sauce.  

   We also has some scallops. Gorgeous! 
Main course was a chateaubriand with chips and Savoy cabbage and bacon. It was the best meal I’ve ever eaten! 

 Seriously if you’ve never been you must go. The chef is the best in bournemouth! Dessert we had to share we were stuffed but wanted to try it.  

 Melt in your mouth chocolate pudding with banana and ice cream. 

The Bournemouth football players were there celebrating their win when we left! 

  Today consisted mainly of carboot hunting and walking and lots of googling tummy tuck tips and photos. I have to have realistic expectations so il be hoping for something like this when I’m done.  
 That’s a really nice shape and flat tum. The belly button is great too. I am really worried about the end result and swelling. The scars will take forever to fade but I’m hoping my bikini bottoms will hide them on holiday in March. I’m also worried that it will take forever for the swelling to go down. Everyone’s different and I’m hoping because I’m quite fit and active il recover quickly. 

Gonna have an early night I have a brutal grit class tomorrow and some laps in the pool to do. Got to make the most of it before I’m unable to for six weeks! 

Night, Aime X