Today is my 6 month wedding anniversary to my gorgeous husband Gary. It’s been an amazing 6 months already but last week we booked to go back to the place we got married Montego Bay Royal Caribbean sandals in Jamaica to celebrate our first year of marriage. I cannot wait. So exciting and to top it off I have 4 days until my surgeries. Hopefully by then I will have had six months to fully recover and heal and have the body I’ve always wanted and have worked hard for!

 Today I got up early and did my body pump class to get it out the way early to free up the day to spend with the hubby. I’m addicted to exercise and the next six weeks of recovering are going to be the hardest. I love the gym and fitness.So far we’ve spent the day at the beach and walked for a couple of hours in the gorgeous weather and had a delicious lunch. Tonight we are having dinner by the beach too. 🙂 

This week I have been going at it at the gym and classes like a mad woman. Trying to cram as much exercise as I can before having to stop for a while. Locally to us in Moors Valley they have a fitness trail which is about 2 1/2 miles long and has 10 exercise stations to don Gary and I had fun doing it last night. 

Considering it’s free it’s fantastic. Gary’s already got sore legs from the squatting. 

I tried a new recipe the other night. Chicken breasts covered with pesto, then tomatoes, then bacon and finally cheese at the end. Was amazing. 

   Gary loved it and he’s fussy! 
My friend Naomi wrapped me with her it works wraps the other day. The photo is before and 72 hours after. Such a difference.  

 Off to eat!