2 sleeps…. If I can sleep. Today has been a really crappy one. I’m currently in bed feeling sorry for myself. Woke up this morning with a dodgy tummy but still went to Grit. Was insane. Hard but addictive. I’m going to hit it hard when I’m recovered on the Grit front. Donna our instructor is just amazing. She makes you feel so motivated. I always love her classes the most. Here’s me after the Grit class!  

 After Grit I did a little gym work followed by half a mile in the pool. I’m going to really miss swimming, it’s my safe place. If I’m feeling uneasy or unwell or stressed I always find a swim helps… Not today though. I’ve spent all afternoon in bed on the toilet and burning up 😦 this is really worrying me I can’t be ill for my operations! I’m hoping it’s a 24 hour bug or nerves. 


  and dinner  

 dinner is very basic as I don’t feel good. I really fancied being naughty today as I’m feeling under the weather but have resisted and had some yogurt with nut butter instead. Was looking through my old progress photos and here is my journey from 2 years ago to now.  

 Can’t wait for that baggy skin to be gone and a new belly button! 

  Was looking through real self photos. It’s a great site if your considering plastic surgery. Lots of people post their photos on there of before and afters. I’d be happy with some boobs like those! 
Cup of tea and an early night for me. Last day tomorrow with this baggy body. 😁

Aime X