So it’s day five and it’s been a great five days. The pain has been minimal and the healing has been really great. Here are the photos from the day of the op. 

 This is me pre op the morning I woke up ready to go in and these are the afternoon night of the surgery. 

   I stayed in hopsital for two nights at the Nuffield in Bournemouth. The care was amazing and the nurses were fantastic. I’m so pleased with my results already. My boobs and tummy only took the surgeon two hours to do! Dr Whitworth really is an amazing surgeon. I was so nervous and I haven’t experienced much pain. I’m tender and sore and wearing a sports bra and binder 24/7 but it’s not that uncomfortable. Day one I found myself being able to stand upright and walk around okay. Every one progresses at different stages I’ve been fortunate I’m healthy and it’s been really a good recovery so far. I am missing the gym loads though! Can’t wait to get back. I’ve been eating really good too. Lots of protein and clean foods. I want my body looking amazing and feeding it the right fuel will defintely help. 
Today I’m five days post op and here are my results.  

 Really not bad for five days right!

Can’t wait for it to heal so I can start massaging the scars. 

 Here’s just some photos I’ve taken the last few days I went for a four mile walk yesterday and a three mile today. My nurse has told me not to do more than a mile a day at moment now so I’ve got to slow down and become better at resting I’m surprised at how good I feel after surgery. I’m so glad I went through with it. It’s nothing like I thought it would be. 

Here’s a card my little sister made. So funny!  

Also look at those meals! The hopsital food was so good! 

Anyway time to settle down and rest 

Aime. X