I can’t believe it’s been a week already! I’ve learnt a very important lesson. It is important to rest and recover after surgery. I have been really active because I feel good. The nurse has told me off for walking miles and house work. I find it really hard to relax. It’s just something I struggle to do. It’s just my ADHD and my personality! So this week I’m going to try meditation and gentle yoga. 

Today I went to the Accupunturist Anna. She helps with the swelling and already helped with my temper flare ups and night sweats. Even Gary said that I have calmed right down recently which goes to show it really does work. He even tried Accupunture and cupping today! I couldn’t lie on my tummy so I was on my back today. She stuck needles all up my legs, ankles, 1 actually in my tummy and 1 in my face! It’s so strange I’m petrified of needles, blood tests are a nightmare but I’m so at ease with being her pincushion because I know it works. I already felt much better when I left. I’ve booked in to see her in two weeks. She’s given me some herbal remedies she’s made up to add to water and some cream for my scars once they’ve healed. 

I had to go to hospital today yesterday and Monday! On Monday i bumped my sides and was scared my stitch popped. I went in for a check up and it was okay just bruised. It felt dodgey yesterday so went back in for reassurance. The Nuffield nurses are great and the aftercare is seriously good. I highly recommend this private hospital. Today I was in a shop when the automatic doors closed on me and bumped my sides! I major panicked and was in a lot of pain. I swear only these things ever happen to me! So I went to the hopsital just to get checked again! All is fine and I’ve been resting all afternoon. Thank goodness! 
 People are always curious as to what I eat and take and I swear by these products with my quick recovery and my good health. This isn’t a sales pitch lol. So I have two Arbonne shakes a day packed full of proteins and began friendly I just love the taste of it. I mix the Arbonne greens with it and the flaxseed and have it as a snack and before bed. I also take arnica at the moment for my swelling and bruising. It’s really world. I tried on a really tight dress today in a  size 12 and it fit already obviously there’s a little pouch where I’m swollen but I can’t wait for that to go and finally have a flat tummy!  

   So nurse Gary has been really good making me some lovely breakfast and lunches. Here are some of my eats this week.  
   Not going to the gym is killing me. I’m missing my gym routine so much! Exercise is such a massive part of my life. Can’t wait to be given the all clear to start training again.

Bought this kit to try out bare minerals as I always hear good things about it. Tried it today and loved how natural I looked 

 Defintely going to invest in some more after it runs out. I found my new MAC fix. Mac is pretty heavy. 

Just ordered some Arbonne genius pads. I’ve heard amazing things about these and can’t wait to try them I will be taking daily photos of my skin to document the progress! 

Signing off for the night. 

Aime. X