It’s Monday already. The weekends go so quick. 

Today I’m 12 days post op. The husband has gone back to work properly so I’m on my own! Little one does a half day at play school and the big one is at school until 3.30 so should be okay. Normally on a Monday I go to a class and the gym  this Monday I’m going to attempt to shallow bathe myself and wash my hair. I’ve come off the painkillers a bit and tried to get on without them. It’s been okay but sometimes I just need a little to get me through. Surprisingly having all this surgery didn’t hurt as much as I expected. My boobs incisions have healed nicely and today I have a hospital appt to take off my dressing and have a look underneath.

The right one has healed quicker than the left but for twelve days it’s amazing how much it’s healed already. I had to go to hospital over the weekend to get my dressings changed and my swelling checked. I sometimes over panick and the Nuffield in Bournemouth have been amazing. They always have time for me and the after care has been faultless. My favourite nurse there is Liz Farelly. She’s an absolute star but the other Liz and Deborah are amazing nurses too. I’m so glad I chose the Nuffield.  

 I still had some bruising Saturday and the scar is still quite red. I’m finding it hardest not being able to exercise. I’ve been walking a lot but noticing that my legs have gone less firm and I know it’s because I’m not heavy lifting. Mentally having surgery is hard when your active as you cannot do the things you did before. My tummy tuck twin Lisa feels the same so I’m thinking its normal to feel this way. Went shopping with my husband last week and it was bizarre to actually have boobs to put in bras! I bought a few underwire ones in preparation for when I can wear them again! Primark have so much choice and lots in my size 36E!  This one is my favourite! Only £4! Bargain. 

The hospital bra i was given has been driving me mad so I went to good old marks and Spencer’s to buy a high impact sports bra. £25 but totally worth it. 

  Yes it’s unsexy but it’s much more comfortable than the other one I also ordered this corset to use instead of the hospital binder as it itches so much and is so uncomfortable I have another month at least of wearing all this so I need to be comfortable. 
  This one comes recommended by another tummy tucker! Can’t wait for it to arrive. 
My husband and I made slow cooker fudge this week.  

 The recipe above is for a a fudge we haven’t tried yet but similar to what we did. 

500g caramac

Can of condensed milk

1/2 tbsp of butter 

1/2 tbsp of vanilla extract. 

Break up the chocolate and add the ingredients cook on low for an hour to an hour and half and stir every ten mins then transfer to a cake tin and wait 2 hours in the fridge to set! Simple. It tasted amazing. We made caramac one and toberlone and malteaser ones. Great for gifts! 

   If your local to Bournemouth then go to Haskins garden centre by fern down for an afternoon tea. £16.95 and totally worth it. You have to book in advance though. It was so lovely. The cakes and scones were huge! The China tea set was lovely and they even set out a table cloth for you. Was really great service we had a really nice time here. Highly recommended! 
One of my best friends Peta helped dye my hair extensions and my hair last week and I’m so happy with the colour. She talked me out of proper extensions as I want to grow my hair out and she said it would damage so we compromised with clip ins. Looks so good though. She’s great with hair.  

 I love the colour it’s so rich and ginger and red so perfect for fall! 

I’m also picking up some arbonne genius pads and primer today from my friend Caroline. I’m really into the whole arbonne range I love the protein and nutrition side already and I’ve heard so many good things about the skin care range so trying it myself! 🙂 

Any ways I best get on and try and bathe! 

Have a great week ahead. 

Aime. X