So today I went for a really long walk 5.5 miles actually and be 13 days post op probably shouldn’t have pushed myself that far but just to get out and exercise and to be back to some sort of routine was nice today. I had a lot of thinking time. I thought back to the times when I was really obese. 

Being Fat isn’t just a physical thing it’s very much a mental thing too. People don’t wake up one morning and think oh I’m going to be fat today. Most people get fat when they’ve used food as a comfort blanket after the loss of a loved one or a incident that’s left horrible memories such as sexual abuse or not feeling loved enough. It’s much more a mental thing then you think. So before you go fat shaming someone maybe try and get to the bottom of their problem before judging. Not everyone who is overweight is a fat slob. Depression can make you gain weight. Feelings of hatred for yourself. I look back to when I was 15 and my body was beautiful. I was going through puberty and had curves and breasts and tight skin I was a perfect weight for my height and even then I was desperately unhappy with myself. I wish I could of gone back in time and told myself to appreciate my body and look after it in the years to come. Unfortunately I don’t have a time machine but what I do have is determination and motivation. This is what helped me shed the ten stone originally. Sometimes I have 100% of it. Sometimes I lose my way for a little while. Now that I’ve come this far I can never go back. I want to inspire others. I want people to use me as their motivation. I want to help others realise that it can be done and it will make you feel better. My knees don’t hurt as much, my feet don’t swell like they use to. I now have one chin instead of ten. I can walk far without getting breatheless, I can keep up with my young children. All things I can do now that I couldn’t before. Mentally I’ve grown up a lot. A lot of hurt lays in my past and I still have a lot to over come mentally but I’m getting there. It’s slower for my mental progress than my physical progress. 

It takes time for your mind to catch up with your body. Start fixing who you are inside and tackle your problems before going head on into physical change. It will make your journey easier for you.

These are just my thoughts for today. 

Aime x