So Friday is my surgeon appt with Doctor whitworth at the Nuffield.

I’m slightly concerned about my muscle stitches. Every time I laugh or tense it hurts like a cheese wire cutting through me, there’s also a little bulge that Is irritating me I desperately want this to be perfect after spending all this money and working so hard but I know it takes time. It’s day 19 and it’s so annoying wearing the sports bras and binder. I normally sleep naked and on my side and having to sleep clothed and upright isn’t fun. 

Our three year old refuses to go to sleep easily now and wakes up several times a night at the moment. It’s really messing with my sleeping patterns. 

Anyways here’s some progress photos  

Everyday it looks different 

  Top half of photo is today day 19 post op and the bottom is the day of the surgery. I worry that my scar is unsymmetrical but I think it’s down to swelling and one side is definitely healing better than the other which is also annoying. 
I’m eating well and trying to exercise gently daily by walking at least three miles a day. It’s the only thing I can do. When you’re used to exercising everyday something like this mentally can play havoc with your well being. Exercise is very much a stress release for me. My legs have become a lot more wobbly from lack of heavy weight lifting I can’t weight to get back to normal. 

   I’m drinking lots of protein shakes and eating as well as I can. I made a new recipe with my arbonne protein powder copied from Pinterest. They tasted amazing. I’ve already eaten them all. πŸ™Š 
Here’s the recipe for them. They were really good. 

  If you have Netflix and you like fashion or even a good life story Iris is the one to watch at the moment. Iris is 94 and a style icon. The woman’s style is amazing. She doesn’t care what others thinks and her relationship with her husband who sadly passed away last month is so lovely to watch. I hope i grow old like Iris and turn out as cool. Definitely watch this! 
  I am loving this new combo I bought from sainsburys today. I’m so into shawls and wraps at the moment. It even has a fur lined neck. Gorgeous! I always wanted a fur coat but I’m yet to wear one that doesn’t make me look like a pimp πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I also decided to buy the hat too. I never wear hats but loved this wool one. I have some black flat boots that will finish this look off. Obviously I was shopping and I don’t carry around oranges with me as an accessory πŸ˜‚

Picked up this lovely river island skirt bargain in my local charity shop too! 

I love charity shopping and bargains. Every Sunday I like to go and have a look down the car boot for some vintage bits. I bought an amazing red fur lined jacket for Β£2 this weekend and some woven scarfs. 


I love green and brown at the moment.

  Here’s a before and after photo I made the other day. Such a difference facially from losing weight.  

So my boobs are finally dropping and starting to look more natural they say it takes up to a year to get to your true size and for them to settle. Gary never wanted me to have a boob job for fear of th looking fake but even he agrees they look really real. I feel like they’ve always been here. 

That’s all your getting I’m afraid as they’re now reserved for my hubbys eyes only! 

  I really love Autumn look how pretty this tree is by my daughters school. The weather hasn’t been too harsh yet I love wrapping up warm though. 

Have a great week everyone 

Thanks for stopping by. 

Aime x