So here it is the progress photos. I’m 23 days post op and one been given the all clear to exercise and go back to the gym. I’m so so so very happy. Only three weeks taken off so shouldn’t be too long to regain that muscle back. 25% effort is what I’m allowed to start on and build it up to 4 weeks then I can restart the real heavy lifting and working on these stomach muscles.  

   I actually have breasts. Last week I went through a dark time of thinking did I go too small are they just right. Speaking to the surgeon today he says they are the perfect size for me. They look big enough and they are practical for gym. I workout a lot so having massive ones would have been totally impractical plus I did say i wanted them as natural looking as possible and they do! 
The second photo is my stomach before and after. The day of the op o wore these pants and cried, cried because I couldn’t tuck my saggy pouch into them. Today I could put them on with ease. Even cover the scar. You’d never know. I love my new belly button. After years of suffering with what my friends call the cats asshole belly button I have a new cute one. It’s amazing what surgery can do. Today I’m on a real high. I’m going to go to the gym tonight with a friend and work these arms and legs! 

Here are some more progress photos. 

   For the scar I’m using coconut oil mixed with vitamin E made up by accupuntirst the surgeon said it looks really good. He’s very pleased with how it is healing. It’s swollen more on one side but with months and massaging it will equal out and the scar will also straighten out more. 
   I ended up walking 12 miles yesterday. 2 miles with my friend Chris. 3 miles with my girl Hannah and loads by myself. It’s really helped keep me sane over the last two weeks. 
   I’ve been pretty good with my eating since the op too. Properly nourishing it to recover quicker and it’s definitely worked. 
Hope everyone has a great weekend 🙂 

Aime. X