Sunday already. Where did this weekend go! Yesterday I went to the gym after being given the all clear to go Friday 💪🏻 yes so pleased! 

I am lifting but at 25/50% of what I was before the op. Building my strength back up and I’m going to up my cardio too to lean out my legs ready for some spinning classes soon! Can’t wait to get back to my gym routine tomorrow 🙂  

 I’ve just bought these leggings from and can’t wait for them to come. I also want the pink candy skulls and the red leopards they look awesome! I always wear black so this will really be a change for me!

 Here’s day 25 post op. The scar is lighting every day and it’s definitely getting smaller. I made my own scar cream with coconut oil melted down I added high vitamin E oil and some lavender drops. Leave it to set in the fridge then use and massage on the scar. Cheap and very effective. I see people buying expensive scar strips and all sorts but this does the trick. My surgeon said its all about the massage techniques. I’m doing it twice a day. 

   Weekends are always the time where I relax on the diet. I wasn’t too bad until I devoured some nachos and processco at my friends last night. 🙊 nachos are the devil for me. 
  Here’s some of my eats this week. Lots of turkey mince, avocados, eggs and cottage cheese. 
   Some before and after photos I made. 
Well impressed I went to the local Carboot today and bought some size 12 jeans for 50p and they fit perfect also a really nice black dress for 1.50! Love a good bargain! 

Anyway start of a new week tomorrow. Really going to get my head down with my nutrition and training. Come March I will be in the best shape of my life for holiday 👌 

Night all. 

Aime X