I love good pair of gym leggings. I’m always on the look out for really cool designs since losing weight I want to wear colours. Not black all the time. I found this amazing website that does really good leggings. So good I ordered one pair and liked them so much that I ordered two more today. 

It’s so hard to find leggings for leg day that aren’t see through or fall down or slip down whilst squatting. These are perfect. Thick enough to not be see through and have a waist tie to prevent pants falling down. 

 These are my space pair. I love the colours. 

I’ve ordered these two today. Can’t wait for them to come. 

 How cool are those candy skulls!  Going to be living in these. I also managed to get a 10% discount code from the website so type in AIME2015 to get your discount! 🙂 

I also order two more pairs from zalando… 

  Fair to say I have a new obsession! Trainers,tops and a good sports bra  to match next month. 
So this week I’ve been back at the gym. It’s being going well. I panicked Monday when I swelled up massively and the surgeon saw me the next day to put my mind at ease. The Nuffield really is incredible for aftercare. I’ve been there so much with different concerns and they’ve been great every time. I’m such a worrier. Doctor Ian whitworth is just an incredible surgeon. My boobs look amazing and my scar is so neat it’s faded so well already.  

 I’m a month post op today! Amazing to think it’s gone so quick. The bottom photo is before and after the gym. The swelling is real hard at times! 

  Smashed a good shoulder workout today. Arms tomorrow. I have serious doms from the leg workout yesterday. Being away from gym for 3 weeks definitely hurt. I even managed 30 mins spinning class before my shoulder session! Hoping to be back on the full spin next week. I’m booked on for body pump Saturday morning. So excited. 
   Halloween is soon upon us and here’s my little ones dressed up 😂
 My eating has been very good. High protein, good fats and low carbs. The pesto cheese bacon chicken was amazing. Good for leftover lunch too. 

  Palmers have been kind enough to send me some oils for my scar therapy. I’m going to be reviewing this over the next month and see how I get on. I love anything from palmers. I’ve been a solid fan for years. 
So turns out allergic to Arbonne! 

 The genius pads and face products I bought had to go back. They made me come up in the worse spots I’ve ever had. So painful. I’m just getting over them. I so wanted to believe in the power of arbonne but for me it unfortunately hasn’t worked like it does for so many others so I won’t be endorsing or selling it! 

Have a poorly toddler at the moment and some beef wraps to eat so signing off.

Aime. 😘