Start of the Halloween half term 🔫

As much as I love my girls it really messes with my gym routine. Which is dislike greatly. Exercise is my release. I’m going to attempt to do some HIIT at home today and weights at the gym tonight.  I’ve re started the Jamie Eason eating and exercise plan today. I found it to be the most effective plan I’ve done to date so I will be back on this. For 8 weeks now. Leg day today. Jamie does two leg days a week which is good for me as my legs need the most work. 

  Breakfast was 1 egg and 3 egg whites with mushrooms and tomatoes. Some hot sauce. I also finished the girls strawberries and banana they had for breakfast. I hate food going to waste. 

This week has been pretty good exercise wise. I exercised every day. I’ve upped my cardio big time as I want to start leaning out and cardio plays a huge part in this for myself personally. I’ve been doing HIIT on the spin bike for 15 mins then 30/45 mins of steady state on either the bike, treadmill or cross trainer. Sometimes I do ten mins on each just to mix it up. 

Finally found a shock absorber bra so will be able to start sprinting again on the treadmill no excuses 😭 

Have been loving my leggings and wearing them all the time. Waiting for my other two from zalando to come still. 😒 

   they’re so Bright I really love them. If you want to order a pair Come payday then go to and use my discount code AIME2015 for 10% discount. 🙂 

   Since the operations I’ve been trying to eat really well and stick to just clean and nutritious foods. I feel like my legs have started to get a tiny bit leaner already. I’m working hard to grow those glute and quad muscle at the moment. 
   Went pumpkin and strawberry picking yesterday. Found 3 small perfect ones to make soup with and carve! The strawberries are so juicy and fresh!  
 I found this recipe on my insta so might give this a go. 

  Going to make some pumpkin pecan pie protein bars now.if they turn out okay il post the recipe soon. 

Have a good week 

Aime. X