Autumn is the time for pumpkin and pumpkin spiced anything.

I’ve made my own pumpkin and walnut protein bars from the Jamie Eason recipe.  

I took the recipe from

The ingredients I changed around slightly. 

  I used stevia instead of brown sugar. I didn’t use baking soda just baking powder. I got the can of pumpkin from tesco. You could purée an actual pumpkin instead. I used pecan pie protein from MYPROTEIN instead of vanilla. I didn’t use a clove or baby apple sauce. Mine turned out amazing. So the applesauce and other boys weren’t needed. It should make 24 cubes easily. 
The method is as so 

  These are great for my morning and afternoon snack with a cup of green tea. 👌 my children also love them. 
Instead of pumpkin I’m sure you could use carrot baby food. I know it sounds gross but it actually tastes great with these sort of baking things. 

Happy baking 

Aime. 🙂