So next week Black Friday will be here. Friday the 27th. It’s really an American thing and only a few English shops seem to take part. I always find the deals not actually that great. We bought a laptop 2 years ago from the Black Friday sale and it was the biggest piece of garbage ever. 

However I do know that I will definitely be watching out for all the Black Friday offers next week on My Protein!
I’ve already ordered a chocolate and maple syrup this week along with a strappy top to go with the massive haul I received from them last week! 

   I absolutely love these gym tights I cannot wait for the matching top to come this week! It’s in the sale too! They are 100% non see through and they stay up! The jacket is lightweight and comfortable and has thumb holes! It’s also hooded and I will be living in it! Comfort is such an important thing to me! 

Just had the peanut butter with some banana mixed with my protein powder, was a great dessert! 

  Loving this smart shaker too! I love a girly touch to my gym gear! 🙂 
I always take supplements everyday, omega 3, daily vitamins and milk thistle for my liver.

I always use MYPROTEIN as I’ve found they are cheapest and the best quality products. The only thing I haven’t liked from them is the watermelon bcaa I tried, was far too sweet for me! So looking forward to trying the berry blast one that’s come. Also looking forward to using my chocolate protein powder for new desserts! 

Anyway definitely go look at their websites and they always have discount codes and sales on all their products! The Black Friday is the 27th but I think that whole week they will be posting deals and discounts so stock up whilst you can!
Enjoy! 🙂 

Aime. X