So I always tend to lose the most weight over the winter period I don’t know why maybe it’s because it’s the festive period and I know I’m going to be treating myself and I have a works do for my husbands company to attend and want to look nice also my birthday is January and I like to buy a nice dress for that too. 

So tomorrow is Monday. I haven’t been to the gym since Tuesday 🙀 I have allowed myself a week off because I seemed to pick up what I thought was an infection in one of my tummy tuck stitches but it turns out it was spitting. Where the stitch comes out to the surface. Sometimes can become infected and needs to be cut off. Once a stitch comes into contact outside the body it won’t dissolve. My scar was very bumpy and red also irritatable so I’ve had the week off. Fall out 4 came out this week so that’s saved me from going mad not exercising this week! 

Here is the scar last week was really painful..  

     This was the scar 2 days ago 
   It’s still a bit red tonight as I’ve just massaged it and it’s healing but hopefully this is the last problem il have with this. I’ve been really good healing wise and loving my new shape went shopping for a Christmas dress for the works do and so many dresses were lovely. I didn’t have to tuck my excess belly skin into my pants or wear a ridiculously push up padded bra for the first time in a long time. All the size 12 dresses fitted. Was the first time I felt really positive about myself since the surgery. 

  I’ve been more relaxed this week with eating but tomorrow is back to being strict a long with exercising everyday again. 
 Here are some of the things I’ve been eating this week. 

I found this new dessert recipe! 

  Amazing it’s simply 
1 Egg 

2 spoons peanut butter 

1/8 spoon baking powder 

Mix together until a batter like substance in a mug or a bowl then microwave for 1min 30 seconds. Voila! I topped mine with strawberry and chocolate choc shot. I have just ordered some my protein chocolate syrup and maple syrup. Cannot wait for that to come!