I’ve taken some time out of the blog for a week as I’ve had a puppy since last Monday! A red cocker called Charlie. He’s gorgeous.  

   He’s definitely helping my cardio that’s for sure. He’s 18 weeks and I’m reading up on gun dog training. We started one to one lessons with a trainer on Saturday and he’s doing so well already! 
I had began to lose it at the gym this week. I actually walked out half way through leg day because I just couldn’t be bothered with it. I took three days away gym and il be honest, I didn’t want to go back. It’s been over a year since I stared my gym journey and this is the first time I’ve felt this way. It scared me. But Monday I worked out with my trainer and actually managed some low squats without the step i usually need to lower onto. That’s a huge thing for me as I suffer from bad knees and stiff joints from being fat and not stretching enough after working out for the last year. Seeing this progress has given me the kick up the Arse I so badly needed.

So tummy tuck and boobs wise I’m ten weeks post op tomorrow! I saw my surgeon today about the uneveness of the scar line and he’s told me its scar tissue. Continue massaging and come back in January to reassess. I’ve been given the all clear to really heavy lift now and the line down the middle of my belly is apparently my great muscle definition and tone according to dr whitworth! That pleased me! 🙂  

   tonight’s dinner was great! Lean beef mince with bacon and some cheese, sweet potato fries, red cabbage and avocado! I love a good home made burger. They’re really  filling. 
Tomorrow I’ve got my morning weight workout then taking the dog training in the forest, picking up the little one and my best friend Hannah then walking Charlie and his lady friend scout then finishing it all off with some spinning! I’m gonna be knackered but it’s only 19 days until gaz Christmas party and I want to look good 🙂 

 Yes it’s fair to say I’m slightly obsessed with this beauty. We even look alike. 😂😂 

Anyway everyone have a good week and remember it’s only 24 days until Christmas so smash it hard! 🙂 

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Much love Aime. X