So I’m back home. Yay. I won’t lie this time has been slightly more painful breast wise. The drains on my right boob gave me a lot of jip and I had about an hours sleep last night. Not fun. I was in the recovery for 2 hours throwing up. Very different experience from last time! 

Anyways I’ve made it threw and I’m home on the morphine every four hours mixed with parcetemol and ibro every four hours too. Feel fuzzy and tired a lot.. A lot of sleeping is going to happen. 

  Luckily I’m not too swollen belly wise. Boobs are pretty hard and will be for 2 weeks. I’ve gone from a 485Cc to a 605 cc but I barely feel a change in size and won’t until they dropped and fluffed as people say and take a more natural form. 
 Sporting some sexy socks there 🤔

I honestly couldn’t recommend the Nuffield health hospital group enough. The care there is amazing. Especially the Bournemouth staff. 

Liz the nurse I had before and Debs too were both there. It makes a massive difference having known them before I felt so comfortable and in safe hands. Lovely lovely women and Doctor whitworth is such a nice genuine guy. Have my wound check next week so will have more progress photos then. 

Until then I’m going to take it easy and sleep a lot. 

Had my drains out this morning with gas and air and that was painful. The tugging sensation is the worse! Makes me feel sick. 

Got the last season of breaking bad to watch now this weekend and some magazines to catch up on and meal plans to write. Still eating healthy and going to have to more than ever now I can’t exercise for a month 🙀 I will start walking a few miles Monday though. 👌👌

The dog is away until Saturday with our trainer and the kids away until Sunday so lots of time to recoup. 

Aime. X