Tired, but been productive. I dyed my hair red a deeper red.  

    I needed a change! 
New boobs new me 😂

The orange I feel makes me looks so brassy and young so I feel like this is a good choice for now. I always stay within the spectrum of reds but change up between different shades. 

  At the moment my boobs look like globes again this should settle down in two weeks. It hurts more this time probably because they had to reopen old scars and stitch inside more. 
  I got this cheap £8 bra from asda it’s a lot more comfortable than the ones you get given at hospital. 
 I’m feeling bloated I’ve been drinking a lot of water and eating well. Had my favourite dish last night. Rice and beans with curried goat. Had leftovers for lunch today. 

I’m starting to drink manuka honey and lemon with hot water everyday as its meant to have great healing properties. Our little pup Charlie cut his paw open recently and the trainer recommended we put the manuka honey on it. No word of a lie it’s healed up so quick and beautiufully. I’m gonna to use it to heal me and also use it on my forehead wrinkles to see if it helps. I’m getting proper stress lines as I head towards my 30 years next year. 

I’m on morphine every four hours and it’s making me so sleepy and dizzy. Did manage to get some washing and house work done though. Been nice to be able to potter about in peace. 

Today I felt a bit rubbish being out of exercise routine. Friday morning is normally spinning class for us. I’m going to start walking around my new neighbour hood and getting some exercise this weekend. Not too much though. I need this to be the last surgeries I have! Although I would love to have a thigh lift for my inside saggy skin on the inner thighs and back of legs. My leg muscles are so strong but covered by sagging skin. 😦 I’m going to be doing an article on wraps as my friend is going to do a course of four on my legs soon. Ready for holiday! 

I’ve started watching transparent on Amazon with all this time off. I’m episode two in and it’s actually quite good. Any one seen it? 

Dinner tonight is homemade steak burgers with halloumi and side salad. 

If any of you are interested in following my daily life in photos I’m on Instagram too. Fatgirlfightingfit is my user name add me 🙂 
Take care for now 

Aime. X