So I’m day five post op. Went to hospital and had my dressings taken off I’m really pleased with the results. Such a neat job. 

   I’m obviously still quite swollen on my tummy and will be for a couple of weeks until it settles but I’m already pleased. My boobs scars are already going down and they don’t seem a lot bigger the before which is good hopefully they will look natural again which is what I always wanted. I did this for me. I hated looking at my saggy sad sacks of skin that used to be full and proud. 
 Here are my boobs. I obviously won’t show my nipples as I’m respectful to my husband and self but you can get the general idea of shape and how high they currently sit. For the first two weeks of a breast enlargement your boobs tend to sit very high and swell up a lot. After this they tend to fluff and drop. They take a more natural shape and form. 

   So this week I dyed my hair a deeper red. I was getting bored of my orange locks and needed a change I always dabble between different shades of reds. 
The other photo is a me when I was 15 and one of me now! 

Some before and after photos 

And the last one is my little haul I got at sports direct. I needed some new trainers and decided to get some nikes! I usually get Karrimors. I bought some lush new sports leggings USA pro and a Nike long sleeve top for winter walks. 

It sucks not being able to exercise. My surgeon and nurse have told me I must rest for four weeks it’s killing me!! I don’t want to lose my butt gains! 

Will post again soon can’t wait for my scars to heal so I can start massaging them 🙂 

Five weeks until holiday! 

Aime X