Skin. My skin. My loose wobbly thigh skin to be precise. 

I’m not going to lie. It drives me mad. I work hard, I lift really heavy and I know my leg muscles are good. Yet I can’t see any of them because my legs are covered by loose flappy saggy skin which is a permanent reminder of my old body and lifestyle. I did this to myself. I got fat. I allowed it to happened. I have no one to blame but myself.

I’m trying. I lift heavy, I leg press 210kg which for someone with knackered knees from being so overweight is good. My skin refuses to tone up or ping back. I’m working hard to fill with muscles but it’s a very long process and it can be soul destroying. 

   The backs are dimply and the inner thigh pouch is just skin. 

 Stood the right way and tensing they look better but it’s still always there. 

I have unrealistic expectations from all the fitness models i used to follow online but not all fitness girls look like this. I can lift heavy and go harder than some of them but as I’m covered in loose skin you can’t see so much of my muscles. I also need to lean out. Currently on a four week cut before holiday. 

In an attempt to help tone my thighs I’m going to have my friend Naomi wrap them as it did help my belly last year. Will keep you updated. I’ve also invested in a dry brush and have been doing that daily too. 

If anyone’s got any great tips please share! 😉 I’m willing to try anything. 

Aime X