So this morning I’ve taken these snapshots from the daily mail Cheryl Tiegs bitching on Ashley Graham for being a size 14. 

What is wrong with the world. Size 14 is okay. We come in different shapes and sizes. It’s a well known fact that Ashley graham goes to the gym regularly and works out. Who is her body harming for you to make a judgement on her. 

She certainly looks healthy and happy in my eyes and I see nothing wrong with that. Not everyone is made the same. Not everyone can be a natural size 6. I for one have a ridiculously big bone structure and ribcage and know realistically that I could never achieve such a size… And I’m totally okay with it. Even at my very lowest weight as a teen a size 10/12 was the very lowest size I could get to without looking completely undernourished. 

I’m now a size 12 in some shops other times I’ve been known to even have to get a 14! Yet I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been!? 

I lift heavy, I regularly do cardio and I eat really well. I still weigh over 12 stone which is obese on the  BMI chart. I certainly don’t feel obese and I’ve not recently been told by anyone I’m chunky. This is why I hate the scales. One moment I could be 12 stones the day later 12.7 stones. It all depends on my water intake, time of the month, what exercises I’ve done that day and various other things, I rarely weigh myself these days now because if my jeans fit right I know I’m okay. I go by my trusty pair of size 12 Gap jeans now. 

Don’t be too hard on yourselves. Don’t weigh yourself all the time. Do judge yourself by your jeans leggings stretch and aren’t a accurate measurer. I know I’ve worn size 14 leggings in the past when I’ve been blatantly a size 18 and because they’ve stretched with me I didn’t realise how much weight id put on. Do exercises that you like. Don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t fat shame other people. You don’t know their personal struggles and their journey. Keep your Opinons to yourself unless you know someone very well. That one blasé comment you make could stick with someone for life. 

It’s your body. Make it a healthy one. Not a skinny one. It’s boring to all look the same. 

Love Aime. X 

PS: don’t be a shamer like this girl. I really disagree with her tactics and opinions and I don’t find her funny. She can be so hurtful. That’s not nice.