So I’ve signed up to the les mills on demand classes. I love the classes at my gym and now i can do them at home. I have the body pump gear already and apart from rpm all you need is your body for rest. Not a bad investment for £10 a month. I’m actually considering buying a spin bike for home. It’s something I really enjoy doing. It’s my best form of cardio. It’s really important to do hiit or cardio at least 5 times a week. My favourite les mills classes are body pump, grit series the cardio and strength and rpm. I will be doing them all though. Definitely going to get my £10 worth! It’s worth a look there’s the link for you if you’re interested. 

  My heart rate was so high today! 
I’m normally a memeber at David Lloyd but I’m on suspension until April by choice because of my recent ops. I’m fully recovered and have my surgeon appt tomorrow but have signed up to ferndown gym to 1. Save costs. David Lloyd is so expensive 2. Mix it up a little 3. Get out of my comfort Zone. 

Ferndown is alright but I couldn’t do it full time. The weights section is mainly dominated by men like always and very small. It doesn’t have a proper cable row machine and the leg press that I like. It will do for this months workouts though. 

I’m seeing a new trainer Tuesday. My friend Dani is weightlifting bench press champion and will be competing abroad as she is so strong! I’m hoping to get to the same level of strength as her with her coach. I’m so nervous but so excited to get stonger 💪🏻💪🏻. I tried some deadlifts yesterday 60kg for 8 reps, 3 sets. I’d love to get to 100 by summer!  My squat form is definitely better now. I’m managing to get lower these days. 

So purition is a new company that I’ve come across. New whole food protein shakes in really different flavours. So far I’ve tried the strawberry and macadamia and vanilla mixed in with my Greek yogurt. They’re really yummy. Full of fibre, lots of chia seeds. Will give the final verdict when I’ve tried them all but so far I’m loving them. 

  17 days until we fly off to Jamaica for our first year anniversary! I’ve been keeping my diet clean and trying to stay disciplined. I want to see some bloody abs pop through! I’m so excited to go out and try on bikinis this weekend. 

  So I’m pleased to say I featured in the daily mail online.
Those cat photos will haunt me forever haha! Such a proud moment for me. Some of the comments weren’t great but oh hey you can’t please everyone! I didn’t realise they were gonna put my booty in the paper 😂 

   I’ve been eating lots of protein. I made some bulk mince dishes, easy for lunches and post workout snacks. I always find boiling eggs up and having cottage cheese is handy for those hunger moments. I love to snack, I eat six times a day! The boiled eggs with cottage cheese were lovely for breakfast.  

 I went out at the weekend with a friend and actually wore wet look leggings! No one said anything mean and I felt good. Small step but little things like this mean a lot to me. 

Have a good week. 

Aime. Xx