I’m super excited. 5 sleeps until holiday in Jamaica at the Royal Caribbean sandals. It cannot come soon enough. We are renewing our vows on the 20th too. It came in a nice package deal at sandals and thought it was perfect for our special first year anniversary there. 

I have a lovely dress picked out to wear but unfortunately it was see through! So I’ve had to get a wedding dress seamstress to sort it out before we go! 

I love going on holiday and getting dressed up at sandals. I have so many beautiful dresses I don’t get to wear anywhere else so I love going there. 

I bought this gorgeous lipsy one from eBay for a bargain! 

  I really love the way it wraps around my curves. I feel like it was made for me! I’m planning to wear it on my anniversary dinner. 
 I’ve been working hard and I’m sure I can see baby abs coming through  

  I love this little mermaid costume. Absolute bargain for £5 off eBay.  I’ve been working really hard recently on leaning out and trying to get some abs popping. I think I can see baby ones! Last year I felt so uncomfortable in my bikini with my excess skin hanging out my pants. I’ve bought ten bikinis one for everyday I’m there I’m so happy! I’ve been doing weights with steady state cardio because the hiit training was making me bulk out in my legs too much. I have a training session Monday with a PT going to be doing a pulling session. I’ve learned my glutes are extremely lazy. I overcompensate and use my quads for everything. I went to see my friends coach last week. She power lifts and he taught me to properly squat. It’s actually pretty hard. I have no flexibility in my calves which makes it a problem to go low. I’m working on stretching them everyday to help this improve. I would love to compete one day! 
 I took some comparison photos the other day to remind myself how far I’ve come. Sometimes I look in the mirror and I swear I can’t see the changes. Shopping was a nightmare last week. Nothing fit right and I actually cried at my fat legs in shorts. Shorts just don’t suit me at all. You have to find what compliments your body and stick with it. My legs are my biggest problem.. Well my thighs actually and shorts just highlight this. I’ve gone for some loose longer style shorts and a lot of casual play suits and dresses. 

   I changed my hair colour again. I wanted to go more blonde for holiday and my lovely friend Peta popped some highlights in for me. I don’t think I could go fully blonde it wouldn’t suit. 
This week I’m concentrating on full body work outs and more boring steady state cardio 😭😭 I’m going to stick to lots of protein and low carbs for 3 days then 2 days higher carbs. My pt told me to try carb cycling for abs. I’m hoping by Friday il be bikini ready. Dreading the 10 hour flight… Having adhd and low attention span makes for a difficult journey.

Anyway roll on Friday! I need some sunshine in my life.