Today’s post is about gains. 

My gains. Yes I’ve had some gains. The hard work is paying off. 

The sunshine is covering my weird flexing face haha! My biceps also aren’t popping because of the excess skin on my arms. 😦 

My chest is probably my strongest part of me. I can bench press 50kg at the moment being 5 weeks post op from my breast augmentation and tummy tuck scar revisions. 

I have some serious uneveness in my muscle. My right side is very dominant and I need to work on mobility. I forget and I think a lot of people forget the importance of stretching. I foam roll my legs and now I’m going to have to foam roll my hips. My trainer says they’re really tight. My calves also. I need to really stretch everyday. 

I am literally the most non flexible person ever. Stretching is so boring and I also need to even out my body. My back has been neglected as well as my glutes. I’m very chest and quad dominant so when I deadlift I lean forward a lot. Today I managed 80kg on the deadlift which made me happy. I’m gonna need some straps to go heavier as my grip isn’t the strongest. I need to learn to concentrate more as well. 

Someone commented on muscular photo on Instagram and said it looked weird. Different strokes for different folks I guess. I don’t walk around like this all the time flexing down the road 😂😂 I actually am quite curvy and not that muscular. 

 I feel I’ve lost some weight on my stomach and some on my legs finally but it’s going to take a long time to get to my goals. I’m aiming high for this 

  Celeste Bonin is my absolute idol. I love how muscular she is yet so feminine. With the help of my trainer I’m going to try and achieve this. 
Remember to stretch people!!
Aime. X