Haven’t been here for a while. 

First I went to Jamaica and renewed my vows to my hubby on our first year anniversary. It was gorgeous and we made some lovely new friends. 

It was amazing the weather was glorious. The sandals experience wasn’t a good as our wedding year before, standards had slipped it seems but we still had fun. Even climbed up a water fall this time. 

Felt good to return with a new tummy and boobs! 

I went to Portugal with my best friend Hannah two weeks ago too so I’ve been pretty busy lately.

As you can see I’ve still been eating healthy and actually have started to follow macros. I’m finding its working a treat and I’ve already lost over 10lbs bringing me down to 12.4 today. I’ve been working hard in the gym recently and have been in touch with a professional coach whose going to be giving me a structured workout plan and nutrition to follow for my dream body. He’s helped a woman I follow on Facebook whose been through the same journey as I do expect to achieve similar things! 

Amazing results in 16 weeks. She’s very committed and so will I be. I can’t wait to start! 

I’m currently looking like this. 

Hoping to slim down and get more muscle definition in my legs and tummy area. Will do progress photos and keep blogging along the process. I feel recently although I’ve worked hard I’ve been coasting along a bit so this is why I’ve got myself a coach. One day I hope to even compete like Claire has. 
I think realistically it will takes years to achieve but I’m hoping to eventually look as good as celeste Bonin! Absolute body goals. Not everyone likes this look and that’s okay. I’m not doing it for everybody else. I’m doing this for me. To compete against myself. To improve my body for my own personal satisfaction and approval. I don’t judge others on what they like and I’m far too busy and concerned with my own goals to critique others.  Different strokes for different folks 🙂 

Macros have been really good for me to follow recently as my weight has gone down by 9lbs and be been able to eat sort of what I want within limit. 

Anyways. Start of a fresh week tomorrow. 

Have a pt session on my legs and bum to do and dropping Charlie our cocker off to his first grooming session! 😉 

Have a great week everyone. Xx 

Ps: I love a Monday since being a game of thrones addict. I do some fasted cardio on my spin bike whilst watching it. Makes time pass so quickly!