Sorry for the long silence AGAIN! I’m gonna make this a weekly thing I’ve decided. Every Sunday evening I’m going to document my weekly finds and foods and keep on track. 

Summers here. It’s been such a hot weekend. I’ve spent the weekend with my family we’ve been Pokemon hunting. Yes. We like to Pokemon and anything that encourages people to be activate is surely a good thing. Here’s me being a pokemum!! I was into Pokemon years ago the first time round so had this onesie years! It’s crazy how it’s come back so popular. 

Talking of active we’ve been to the new bounce park at ferndown. Was so much fun. A big room full of trampolines! Was boiling and of course I joined in too. It’s £10 for an hour each and £2 for a pair of their socks. Kinda pricey for all of us but it was fun anyway . 


Another good place we went to recently and local to us is the new forest water park for my eldest tenth birthday. 
So much fun jumping on the inflatable bouncy things. Was hard to keep pulling yourself up out the water but a great hour spent. Will definitely do again. 

Ive been doing macros for the last week after changing from doing strict bikini pro dieting. It wasn’t for me. I’m not good without my food. It was making me miserable. 

Those flavour drops 😍 for breakfast I’ve been having 50g oats with 12.5g chia seed 100g strawberries and the drops and a protein shake. Chocolate brownie flavour from my protein is the absolute best. 😍

I’m also obsessed with prawns at the moment. Love them. So good and high in protein. 

I never eat beans and toast normally but since doing my macros I struggle to get so many carbs in so I bulk up with oats, cereal and nimble bread and beans. 

I’ve just discovered my protein flavour drops and I’m obsessed. I have them in oats every morning and my coffees and Greek yogurt. So nice. The best flavours are toffee,maple and white chocolate. 

I’ve been doing volume training for the last two weeks and started practising my deadlifts I managed a PB for me which is 4x 100kg before I’ve only managed 80kg so I’m pleased I also managed to get a 55kg for 2 reps on chest bench. 👍 my squats are terrible though it’s my nemesis. No matter how I try I can’t activate my glutes and my knees always hurt. So working hard on this. 

That face though 😂 deadlifting isn’t pretty. 😂👍

Before and after tummy tuck. I had Just a tuck with no liposuction and no muscle repair. He said I didn’t need it which surprised me after having two children. It made recovery quicker though. I still don’t like the line crease down the middle where my skin isn’t so tight but it’s a lot better then it used to be. I also have a lot of stretch mark scars still so won’t wear crop tops or things showing my tummy too much which is a shame as its the smallest part of me!! I definitely had different expectations of my tummy tuck to the reality. 

Me before my tuck last year and this morning 9months post op. booty gains? DHere’s some recent photos of my progress. I weighed in this morning at 12.2 was 12.4 beginning of the week. 💪🏻I had a couple of nights off too. 😬 

It’s been 9 months since my tummy tuck and I’m already wanting my leg lift done. I hate my inner thigh skin so much but it’s very expensive. The surgeon quoted me £8000! 🙀 it’s definitely something I’d have done right away if I had the money. I feel like my legs really let me down now. No matter what I do it just hangs there as a constant reminder of how fat I used to be. I hate summer because I don’t like wearing shorts. Or skirts. I live in jeans!! Honestly I own like 20 pairs. 😂
I’m starting to do body balance and yoga again to try and improve my mobility and flexibility. If anyone can recommend any good yoga videos please do! I’m so tight everywhere. Like a 90 year old lady 😂

I’m gonna leave you with this and I promise to be back next Sunday. 😍

Aime. Xx