For years I’ve sat and admired strong women. Power lifters and body builders and always wanted to be like them. I’ve never had the confidence. My mobility has always been an issue for me and I fear squatting deep and heavy but yesterday I met up with Luke at exclusive PT at Broadstone the Junction Gym. He’s a powerlifting coach and he trains some girls I know. One of them being a tiny little powerhouse weighing 52kg but benching 75kg!? That’s mental. Really inspiring so I decided to get serious and I’m going to be training with him with the focus to compete sometime next year. I just need to believe in my abilities and really push myself. 

Being overweight for years had taken a terrible toll on my knees and hips. I think this is where the fear comes from. I find squatting deep a real problem. My calves are tight, my quads are always doing the work and I can’t activate my glutes or hamstrings properly. I’m going to commit to stretching and foam rolling daily to help improve.

I was impressed this morning. Since my surgeries last year press ups have been an issue I couldn’t do more than 2 properly today I did 15 in a row! Progress. I feel I’ve come on quite a bit strength wise. I was only benching 40kg two months ago and now I can do 55kg for a one rep max! I really struggle with the patience side of things with lifting. I just want to be the best and the strongest and the only competition I have really is with myself but I totally beat myself up about it. 

This came up on my time hop feed today! 2012 after I gained all the weight back I’d lost from slimming world! Weighing 19 stones in this photo. Slimming world Intially helped me but seriously it doesn’t teach portion control, nutrition and synning an avocado at 15 Syns just seems ridiculous to me. I’m currently working on macros my coach at Shannon power lifter has given me. They’re working I’m slowly losing some weight finally and I get to eat balanced and healthy and not deprive myself at all. I even managed to fit this in for Thursday date night last week!