I was absolutely buzzing this week after my squat and deadlift session with my new coach Luke.. Here’s his website he does online coaching too! http://www.exclusive-pt.co.uk

I managed to get depth in my squats and I’m working on the technicalities of it all before loading the weights on with him. Saying that though the day before seeing him I managed to deadlift 105kg for 3 first time ever! So I was happy. Once my form is on hopefully il be aiming for 150 😬👊🏽💪🏻 I really feel empowered lifting heavy. I think all women should give it a go for sure! You’d be surprised just how strong we are. Also I’ve found the girls in the powerlifting team I’ve joined to be so amazingly friendly. Nothing like my old gym where everyone was fake! 

A little photo of my practising my deadlift form. Head over to my Insta to see more fatgirlfightingfit is my handle 😉 

So I purchased a wig for my Friday night outing with my best mate Chris. I really loved it. The colour is beautiful and I got lots of compliments! I always want to change my hair so I’m thinking for now wigs are the way forward with out damaging my hair! I’ve actually strained my neck so badly from head banging. 😬🙀
This week I had slightly lower calories for my macros and had been doing so well but Friday and Saturday has been a little bit sinful so I’ve got to be immaculate now and work hard in the gym! Went to pizza express for date night again the pizzas are soooooo good and low cals! 

So my little one has been up to mischief already this summer holiday. She’s been taking my makeup and colouring her face! Also how grown up does she look on her first school uniform! 🙀 scary. I feel so old. 

Any ways hopefully will be smashing some pbs real soon and getting my form spot on! 

See you next Sunday! 😘