After having my stories in the sun and mirror online My blog traffic has gone up! So thank you to all the new followers and visitors to the page! 

This weekend I celebrated and we did a last minute mini break to Devon and Cornwall. Friday I found a fantastic deal on groupon for the half moon inn £45 for the night and breakfast in Devon. We could even bring our dog Charlie for a £5 charge. Bargain. 

We spent the very wet and rainy afternoon at Bude beach walking Charlie. He had the time of his life. They have a sea tide swimming pool there too which is really cool. I jumped in fully clothed as we forgot to bring any swim gear of towels but were totally soaked from the crazy weather anyway! 

The food photos are of all the meals we had there. Dinner was so delicious. The menu list was huge! I had a dick rolls for starters and a crab salad for my main. The portions were huge. I totally pigged out and let myself go this weekend even had some wine. My scales says I’m a couple pounds up but I know this is water retention and I’m not even panicked like I used to be. I’m sure by the end of the week il have lost it again. That’s the joy of iifym style eating. I don’t have these huge restrictions and I trust the process so I don’t panick when I gain weight. 
Sunday we become members of the national trust for only £10 a family a month it’s actually well worth it. Dogs are allowed to walk on the estates and my kids love exploring and so do we. 

We started off at Drogo castle. It was amazing seeing all the old paintings and how they used to live such grandeur! We did lots of walking with Charlie our dog too. In the afternoon on the way home we stopped at the Axminster wildlife park. So many animals there and some id never seen before.  My favourite is the capuchin monkey. Managed to capture some great photos. 

I tried to keep my bad eating to a minimum on Sunday I had salmon and eggs for breakfast. Had a few snacks throughout the day and a subway flatbread with turkey for dinner. I find subway really good for macro options. I normally go for a salad or flatbread. The salad is always a good portion. 

Yesterday we took the girls and their friend out to another national trust place mottisfont house. Lots to do for all the children and the house was incredible inside! Everyone had a brilliant time. I fitted all my macros in even had an unplanned ice cream fitted in my calories! I haven’t been to the gym since Friday. I felt bad for not going yesterday but by the time we got home I was so tired from all the walking and chasing after the kids. I have bench session with my coach today so il make up for it. I’m also straight back on plan. This morning was oats and strawberries like always. I find it easy to stick to the same breakfasts in the week. Less hassle and prep time. 

Today we are off to Kingston lacy with a picnic.. Another national trust place! Definitely making the most of it 😂have made sure I’ve pre planned my foods for today’s picnic. Tuna sandwiches with cucumber and a snack of whole grain crisps and some egg whites. 

Best go and make this picnic and get out in the sunshine. 

Thanks for reading. 

Aime. X