Doesn’t matter what you do your always going to encounter some haters. People who like to troll or are super jealous of your achievements. People who cannot be happy for you and sometimes it’s hard to ignore them… But you must. Otherwise you’ll end up hating yourself. I really don’t understand the need for someone to comment on things if they don’t like it. 

Take for example this 

 This woman has obviously worked very hard. I doubt she gives a damn about your opinion. But surely if you’ve nothing nice to say don’t say it? 

A man. That’s always the small minded idiots comment on a muscular woman. A man. No. She’s a woman. Just a super muscular woman. That would be like me going up to an obese woman and calling her a blob. Oh you look like a blob. That’s not right and it’s certainly none of my business to comment on her appearance. 
So next time you go to comment on someone profiles or Instagram just take a second to think 

1. Is my opinion a nice one and worth sharing. If yes post away. 

2. The effect your words will have on the person. Sometimes things you say will stay with someone for life. So choose your words wisely.  

3. Just don’t be an asshole. Put yourself in someone else shoes for a second before commenting.  Just because it’s the internet doesn’t mean behind the computer is a robot. It’s a human being. A real person with real feelings.  

Aime. 👍🏻✌️