So last week you would have read the interview I did with the amazing Camille Holland. Today she competed and she smashed it. 1st place of course and lifted over her estimated 500kg total. She lifted 505kg raw!!! 187.5kg deadlift, 110kg bench and an absolutely amazing 207.5kg squat. Incredible. What a champ she is. I watched it and was screaming for her!! 

She’s a huge inspiration another girl who is an absolute favourite of mine since starting training in powerlifting is Laura Loft. She’s fast becoming a serious contender in the powerlifting world and she’s got her last junior comp in the British in six weeks time. Massive things to come from her! 

Those legs though 😍 Such a babe! I’m actually going to see her compete next month can’t wait to finally meet her in the flesh and give her a huge cuddle!  

This week unfortunately I’ve been Mega ill. I spent the night in hospital Tuesday with severe pain in my ovaries and found out I had a ruptured cyst. I suffer with PCOS and I have to go back in a few weeks and discuss options to have my womb either taken out or burned away. Annoying as I wanted to really get on with training. I have to take six weeks off soon anyway with my revision surgery on my loose skin. I’m hoping next year I will be fully recovered and smashing some PBs. Snapchat deer hospital selfie of course 😂

Macros have been all over the place this week. I’ve tried to stick to my calorie goals what with being so poorly but yeah it’s not been a great week for me. Fresh start tomorrow though. Two weeks until holiday! Had a surprise party to go to with afternoon tea today which pretty much used all my cals for today so egg whites for dinner. 😂 

Hoping to smash some training this week to make up for missing the last six days! Hoping the rest has done me some good. 

Enjoy your week! 

Aime. X