So normally come Christmas Day I will eat until I pop. This year I took much better approach. I ate until I was full and bought my own snacks for later in the evening to avoid the processed Iceland platters that always get cracked out whilst everyones tipsy.
Heres my xmas breakfast

I’m so addicted to this dish now. It’s just so tasty. I posted the link to the recipe in a previous post.
Lunch was a protein shake after I went for a 3 mile cycle with my little girl coral who had a new bike from Santa and then I did an hour body pump. It made me feel so much better just cause it’s xmas I don’t want to stop my routine And put on unnecessary pounds! Roast dinner was amazing at my partners parents

I didn’t overload too much but I was still stuffed. Night time consisted of hummus and cucumbers and a lot of red Rioja πŸ˜‰
Yesterday was my treat day. I didn’t exercise but I did hit the sales and not did we walk a lot πŸ‘I wish I’d put my polar on to see how many calories a serious shopping addict like me would burn! πŸ’ͺ my partner took me again today but to the sports shop and treated me to all this.

Two pairs of trainers one for everyday use and one better pair for my marathon training. A fit bug to record my every day stats and steps, running soft socks, weightlifting gloves as I’ve started to get callous hands from the bar and a good sports bra to stop my wee tatties bouncy about on my runs πŸ™Š I really love karrimor trainers. For me they are the best. New balance haven’t been up to par lately according to people so these were a good choice. I find Adidas and Nike is always a bit of a more show off shoe and I wouldn’t want to run outside and get them dirty!
Breakfast today was

My partner got me a veggetti for xmas and I love it. Spaghetti out of vegetables!!! Saves calories and is just as tasty for me. I diced some sweet potatoes and courgette up this morning and my partner fried it up and topped it with an egg. Simple but really lovely. Great clean carbs and protein as well as a little veggie hit.

Lunch was a home made prawn cocktail. Sauce was made with organic tomato paste and greek yogurt mixed up. Simple but also yummy and clean.
I’m addicted to avocados at the moment so everything has an avocado included

Today I’ve not exercised yet but il get some quick HIIT in before dinner and some weight work. Have booked in all over the Xmas period to classes so have a spin class at 9am tomorrow. no lie ins for the dedicated πŸ˜’
Dinner will be courgette spaghetti and lean mince.
Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas…

Total wrestling geek love Randy Orton and his funny RKO videos. My partner got this specially from America and I love it. He knows me so well. πŸ™‚ he totally spoilt me this year. πŸ‘πŸŽˆ



Couple of photos of my girls at xmas πŸ™‚
Has been a really great xmas this year minus not seeing my side of the family at all, expect my little sister Stephanie on Boxing Day, but I feel so lucky and blessed to have such a great man, children and friends surrounding me. It’s been lovely. Now to focus on getting super fit and toned for my wedding, tough mudder and the marathon I plan to smash next year πŸ™‚
What’s your plans for the new year ahead? πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽ

Aime. Xx