Now anyone that’s had a huge weight loss will have the dreaded excess skin. The baggy tummy that you have tuck into your pants. The mummy tummy that you just fear will never go. The flappy bingo wings that wobble away as you dance. I’m going to be open and honest and show you my skin.
Yes I look a million times better in my clothes since my weight loss but how do I look underneath. The health and fitness magazines, the diet magazines like slimming world will show these amazing weight loss stories… Oh amazing she’s done you can do this too, but they never show the dark side to the loss which is the excess skin. You never see inspirational weight loss story with mummy Tummys gracing the cover. Just muscular or tiny girls fully clothed.
Here is my skin in the summer






I was a stone heavier here and I hadn’t hit the gym as much as I do now. Everything is wobbly and baggy.
Here is two months ago.




And this is my skin currently today after losing a stone and working very hard.




I can see some difference since weight training. My abs underneath my skin are starting to emerge and my legs and bum are far more toned. My actual inner thighs that used to be jelliod wobbly bags of fat have tightened up and actually nearly gone.


Yes my butts on show. But I wanted to show you accurately the changes.
It’s hard work and slow but it’s all changing. I never thought the excess skin on my under arm the dreaded bingo wings would ever tighten but with things like body pump, kettle bell and weight training they have really toned up. I moisture daily and I find this has really helped with my scarring and stretch marks. I know my tummy will never be 100% back to normal. It’s too scarred to ever go back completely but it’s changing and I have hope. My pouch is a lot smaller and my shape has changed so much. If you excess wobble and skin gets you down please know that you can do something about it without surgery. It will take you a long time but you can improve it.
I hope this hasn’t put you off your dinners and offended anyone with my bum. I just felt like I had to get it all out there to show others they are not alone. I’m starting to become proud of my battle scars. They are a part of me.
There is always hope for those willing to change and work hard.

Thank you. X